Best Cashback Credit Cards in India

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Should you wish to stretch every Rupee spent on shopping, opt for one of the best cashback credit cards in India.

You will definitely be surprised at the amazing array of benefits they offer. These credit cards offer attractive cashbacks when you shop at brick-and-mortar stores or online.

Surely, this sounds interesting. If so, continue reading. Here I will list 10 best cashback credit cards in India. Possibly, you may be unaware of the existence of some of these cards.

Understanding Cashback Credit Cards

Usually, every credit card comes with rewards programs. This means you get reward points for every spending.

However, cashback credit cards are totally different. They reimburse a percentage of the amount you spend.

These cashbacks will reflect on your credit card bill for the billing cycle. Or the money will be returned to you in some other form.

Therefore, cashback credit cards are much different from those offering rewards programs only.

Further, there are certain credit cards that offer cashback on specific products only. These too are a different genre.

Therefore, here we list only those credit cards that offer cashback facility.

Top 10 Cashback Credit Cards in India

Cashback credit cards in India operate in different ways. Some offer points for every Rupee you spend. These points translate as cash for future purchases. Others will directly offer a discount when you buy something using the credit card.

1. HDFC Bank Cashback Credit Cards

HDFC Cashback Credit Cards
Image Source:

A fantastic range of six cashback credit cards, each offering equally amazing benefits, are available from India’s largest private sector lender, HDFC Bank.

HDFC Bank’s range of cashback credit cards includes:

  1. Visa Platinum Edge
  2. MasterCard
    • Titanium Edge
    • MoneyBack
    • Bharat Cashback Card
  3. RuPay Bharat Card
  4. Visa Freedom Card

While HDFC Bank markets these under the category ‘cashback cards’, other credit cards issued by the bank also offer attractive cashback schemes.

In fact, almost every credit card issued by HDFC Bank either from the Visa International, MasterCard and Diners Club brand includes at least one or more cashback schemes.

Additionally, HDFC Bank has special credit cards for women, professionals including doctors and teachers as well as cobranded cards with Jet Airways- India’s largest private sector airline.

Eligibility for these cards vary. For some credit cards, you may have to be an HDFC Bank account holders. You can check directly with your nearest HDFC Bank branch for eligibility criteria.

2. Amazon Pay- ICICI Bank

Amazon Pay Credit Card
Image Source: ICICI Bank Amazon Pay Credit Card

Should you be an avid shopper on Amazon for everything from groceries to expensive gadgets, consider the cobranded Amazon Pay-ICICI Bank Credit Card. This card gives cashback on all purchases made on Amazon as well as other online stores to your neighbourhood grocery.

Amazon Pay-ICICI Bank credit card does not attract a joining or annual fee.

Amazon Prime customers can get up to five percent cashback on all purchases made from Amazon India online store. Non-Prime customers get three percent cashback.

You are also entitled to two percent cashback for shopping from over 100 Amazon Pay partner merchants across India. For other shopping, the Amazon Pay-ICICI Bank credit card offers one percent cashback.

These cashbacks in addition to any other special offers on Amazon India online store.

Additionally, Amazon Pay-ICICI Bank credit card gives 15 percent savings at over 2,500 restaurants across India and waiver of one percent fuel surcharge at petrol stations.

Cashback amounts are directly credited to your Amazon Pay balance.

Furthermore, ICICI Bank gives complimentary membership of its Culinary Treats dining rewards programs to this credit card holders.

You need not hold an account at ICICI Bank to avail this cobranded credit card.

3. YES Prosperity Plus Cashback Credit Card

Image Source: YES Prosperity Cashback Plus Credit Card

As the name indicates, this cashback credit card comes from YES Bank.

There are two distinct cashback credit cards from YES Bank:

  • Prosperity Credit Card
  • YES Prosperity Plus Credit Card.

Both are from the MasterCard brand.

YES Prosperity Cashback Credit Card gives five percent cashback on your spends on movies, groceries and utility payments. On all other spendings, this credit card offers 0.5 percent cashback per billing cycle on other spends, excluding fuel.

YES Prosperity Plus Cashback Credit Card: Benefits are similar to the Prosperity Cashback credit card. Only, you get 0.75 percent cashback on all other spends except fuel.

You need not be a YES Bank customer to apply for this credit card. Entry is open to anyone with a provable monthly income of Rs.25,000 and above.

4. Axis Bank My Choice Credit Card

Image Source:

Axis Bank My Choice Credit Card comes with a unique feature: it allows you to select any two from the six categories you want cashback. These include dining, fuel, electronics, utility bills, travel and supermarkets.

This credit card offers a flat five percent cashback on spending on the two categories you choose.

Axis Bank also allows you to personalize your My Choice credit card. This means you can select a picture of your choice to appear on the credit card.

You can apply for an Axis Bank credit card without being a customer of this bank.

5. RBL Classic Shopper Card

Image Source: RBL bank

Another fabulous cashback credit card in India comes from RBL Bank known as RBL Classic Shopper Card, it comes from MasterCard label.

RBL Classic Shopper Card offers selective cashback offers. The cashback can also be donated to charities listed on their website.

RBL Bank claims it has India’s first ever digital rewards redemption portal from where you can redeem your points for cashbacks.

Only eligible customers of RBL Bank can apply for this credit card.

6. IRCTC- SBI Platinum Card

Image Source: SBI bank

IRCTC-SBI Platinum Card is a cobranded credit card issued by Indian Railways Catering & Transport Corporation and the country’s largest public sector lender, State Bank of India.

This card offers cashback of 10 percent on train tickets of Indian Railways in the Air-Conditioned (AC)-single, AC-Two Tier, AC-Three Tier and AC Chair Car classes.

This card also gives cashback of Re.1 for every Rs.125 for train tickets in other classes, bought from the IRCTC portal.

Additionally, IRCTC-SBI Platinum card gives a waiver of 1.8 percent reservation surcharge while booking train tickets online and offline.

It gives a Re.1 cashback on non-fuel purchases too like groceries, paying utility bills, mobile recharge and other spendings.

Further, IRCTC-SBI Platinum Card gives a waiver of one percent fuel surcharge at petrol stations across India. Additional cashbacks and benefits are available for other purchases made on the IRCTC portal too.

Only SBI customers can apply for this cobranded credit card.

7. Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card

Image Source:

This ranks among the best cashback credit cards in India.

The Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card gives five percent cashback on spends at supermarkets. Additionally, you get rewards worth three times the value of your spending on other purchases.

Further, Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card also gives its holders the membership of an exclusive Good Life Program which provides free lounge access at Indian and foreign airports, discounts on beauty and spa treatment, dining and entertainment, among others.

Non-customers of Standard Chartered Bank can also apply for this credit card, subject to meeting eligibility criteria.

8. Bank of Baroda Credit Cards

Image Source:

Leading public sector lender, Bank of Baroda has two cashback credit cards.

  • Bank of Baroda- Visa Easy Credit Card gives 0.5 percent cashback on your card bill during every cycle. This means you are getting cashback regardless of how you spend on this credit card.
  • Bank of Baroda- MasterCard Prime offers a one percent cashback on all spends.

9. Saraswat Bank RuPay Platinum

Image source:

India’s topmost cooperative lender, Saraswat Bank Ltd issues the RuPay Platinum credit card.

This credit card offers cashback on select purchases. However, specific details about cashback program of Saraswat Bank RuPay Platinum Credit Card are not available.

Saraswat Bank customers only can apply for this credit card.


10. Canara Bank RuPay Platinum Card

Image Source:

Canara Bank RuPay Platinum Card offers up to 10 percent cashback on purchases on Amazon India. Additionally, you can get a maximum of Rs.25 discount on all shopping on Amazon India too.

Additionally, Canara Bank RuPay card comes with the unique feature of availing great discounts from various offers on the National Payments Corporation of India (NCPI) portal.

Only Canara Bank customers are eligible for this credit card.

Wrap Up

Before selecting a cashback credit card from any bank, it is advisable to read their fine print. Cashbacks are given in different ways by each bank.

The period for giving cashback can also vary. Hence, it is essential to know the terms and conditions that govern your cashback credit card in India.

Furthermore, it is also worth remembering that credit card issuers have the sole discretion to withdraw or revise any cashback offers.

Therefore, it is better to choose a cashback credit card that suits your specific needs, depending upon your buying patterns.

It is vital to also know whether the cashback you get has any expiry date or blackout periods since you may be unable to use the money later.

I hope this article helps you in choosing the best cashback credit card in India and please feel free to provide your views and comments on the article.

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