Top Virtual Credit Cards in India

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Are you looking for extra security of your bank details while shopping online? Then go for one of the top Virtual Credit Cards in India.

Other than maximum security, Virtual Credit Cards are easy to carry and use. You need not worry about any fraudulent transactions on your credit card or bank account.

What are Virtual Credit Cards?

As the term implies, a Virtual Credit Card exists online only. It has no physical presence like the regular, plastic credit card.

A Virtual Credit Card carries the 16-digit unique number issued by your bank in collaboration with Visa International, MasterCard, Diners Club or RuPay.

It also bears the three-digit Card Verification Value (CVV) number for better security.

Usually, a Virtual Credit Card will also have a Personal Identification Number (PIN), similar to their physical counterparts.

However, Virtual Credit Cards will not bear your signature anywhere.

There are several more features of Virtual Credit Cards, which we will discuss later in this article. First, let us know the top Virtual Credit Cards in India that are easily available.

Top Virtual Credit Cards Available in India

Usually, a Virtual Credit Card will be linked to your existing credit card. Also, never confuse between a Virtual Credit Card and a virtual debit card: they are totally different. Interested? Here is our list of five topmost Virtual Credit Cards in India.

1. SBI Corporate Virtual Credit Card

SBI Corporate Credit Card is available for businesses only. This Virtual Credit Card allows companies to make large payments quickly, even if they do not have cash or adequate bank balance.

Businesses that take SBI Corporate Virtual Credit Card to get a lot of benefits. They can issue a single-use or multiple use Virtual Credit Cards (VCCs) to several officials responsible for making online payments.

SBI Corporate Virtual Credit Card customers can also decide the spending limit they wish to allot for every staff handling payments. This feature helps reduce frauds and unnecessary spending.

Additionally, businesses need not pay the bank instantly: they can avail of the credit period or opt for part settlement of their corporate credit card bill.

2. HDFC NetSafe Virtual Credit Card

For individuals, the best VCC comes from India’s largest private sector lender, HDFC Bank. This top virtual credit card is called HDFC NetSafe.

HDFC Bank is offering this card keeping in mind the reluctance among Indians to disclose their banking or credit card details online.

It is very easy to apply for an HDFC Bank NetSafe Virtual Credit Card. You need to have an existing HDFC credit card to get a VCC.

Simply login to your net banking account with HDFC Bank and register on the link to get instant Virtual Credit Card.

HDFC Bank also offers VCCs to account holders that do not hold a credit card.

However, you have to be eligible to get a VCC, as per guidelines of the bank.

HDFC Bank NetSafe VCC carries a host of promotions, special offers, cashbacks and other attractive schemes that you can avail simply by using this Virtual Credit Card.

3. ICICI Bank InAFlash Virtual Credit Card

Should you require a Virtual Credit Card almost instantly, opt for the ICICI Bank InAFlash VCC.

If you qualify and hold an ICICI Bank account or credit card, this VCC is available in a couple of minutes only.

You can apply for ICICI Bank InAFlash Virtual Credit Card from a computer or iMobile, its mobile banking app, while on the move.

This is one of the top Virtual Credit Cards in India because of the speed at which it generates.

This VCC is available for single or multiple uses and comes packed with features like cashback and other special offers.

4. Axis Purchase Control Credit Card

Axis Purchase Control Credit Card from Axis Bank comes with a special feature. You can select the categories of shopping while you apply for this Virtual Credit Card.

Meaning, nobody can fraudulently use the card for any other category of service.

For example, if you select the ‘Groceries’ category only, nobody can use this card for online shopping or paying utilities bills.

You can add or remove up to 29 different categories of spend. This allows you to have total control over your spending with Axis Purchase Control VCC.

Furthermore, users can also set a maximum limit for spending under each category or for the entire VCC. You can change PIN and other access control features online.

5. Kotak Netc@rd

Kotak Netc@rd is another top Virtual Credit Card in India. There are two variants of Kotak Netc@ard: one that links to your savings account and another that connects to your physical credit card.

Getting a Kotak Netc@rd is very easy. Simply go to website of the Kotak Mahindra Bank and provide the necessary details. You get the VCC within a few minutes.

It is also possible to get a Virtual Credit Card through the Kotak 811 online savings account. Usually, these VCCs come with small credit limits.

This precaution is to ensure that nobody can splurge large amounts, if details accidentally fall into wrong hands.

Wrap Up

Virtual Credit Cards are much different than Virtual Debit Cards. VCCs give you credit while the other debits money directly from your account.

A major advantage of VCCs is that you can access them even from your smartphone, using the app provided by issuing bank.

You can opt for single use or multiple uses VCC. And finally, VCCs keep your identity a secret to a great extent. If you are wary about online transactions and fraud, go for any of these top Virtual Credit Cards in India.

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Top Virtual Credit Cards in India

Are you looking for extra security of your bank details while shopping online? Then go for one of the top Virtual Credit Cards in India.

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